Industrial rubber components for 60 years

Guma Pomorska is a company that produces rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded products. The company was founded in April 1955. Initially it was a small company repairing inner tubes, and producing small quantities of seals and other technical rubber products. Now it is the largest company producing rubber products in the Middle Pomerania.

The main productsof Guma Pomorska were the wheels for lift trucks and solid rubber tires. The next step in the development of the company was the start of production of natural and synthetic latex coated fabrics. In 1986, a new plant was built in Głobino near Słupsk (3 km). We purchased new presses, extruders and lines for retreading tires. We started production for export to Germany in cooperation with companies, Bernard Sheet Altgummihandel and Berendt Hammerling. In 1989 we started production of rubber and rubber-metal bowling (bowling alleys). These products are exported directly to the United States.

In 1992. Pomeranian starts producing rubber footwear components. Originally produced were wierzchniki heel for the French company Caoutchouc Plus. Then we started to produce oil resistant soles for companies producing shoes. In 1993 we begin cooperation with the German company Zuschke&Noack.

We are the largest manufacturer of Pomerania

Now we are a large manufacturer of technical rubber products and rubber-metal. We press on shelves dimensions 2000x1000, 1600x800, 1300x800, 800x800, 600x600 and 400x400. We also have other necessary equipment: extruders, rolling mills, calenders and mixer for the production of rubber compounds. We can therefore produce virtually all types of rubber technical parameters required by customers. Basic rubbers used by us: SBR, NBR, EPDM, NR, FPM, IR, BR, CR.

Owned machines and equipment (mainly press and mold) allow us to produce virtually any product with maximum dimensions 2000x1000x650 mm. In its warehouse we have over 1000 different kinds of ultrasonic, so we can offer many products without having to deploy new production.

The main products Rubber Technical Area are rubber and rubber combined with metal shock absorbers, hydraulics components, rubber soles, rubber parts for trailers, seal with a diameter of 39 ", complete wheels for lift trucks, tires pełnogumowe, rubber parts and rubber- metal on request. In his production we do not limit ourselves to one industry, so we are present in virtually every industry.


Słupskie Zakłady Wyrobów Gumowych „Guma Pomorska” Spółdzielnia Pracy w Słupsku
Głobino 63, 76-200 Słupsk, POLSKA

VAT Id: PL 839-00-07-993

Work hours:
monday – friday: 7am – 3pm

TEL. +48 59 842 15 80
Fax. +48 59 848 25 34


Damian Kwieciński
Head of Sales & Marketing
Tel. +48 59 848 25 24

Adrian Machola
Technical Consultant
Tel. +48 59 848 25 32

Marzena Koseńczuk
Konsultant Techniczny
Tel. +48 59 848 25 28